A Message from the President To Our Members:

It is an honor to serve alongside the thousands of dedicated corrections professionals in our great state.  Louisiana was the first state in the USA to have all our correctional facilities, probation and parole offices and state-wide training academy accredited by the American Correctional Association and we wasted no time in implementing basic jail guidelines and sound community programs in the local facilities that house our large state populations.  The Louisiana Correctional Association provides a "home base" where our membership can be informed of  "what works" in modern institutional/community corrections on the local and state level.  Thank you for your service to public safety and corrections.

Richard L. Stalder Responsibilities for Results - Not Excuses Award

The Louisiana Correctional Association (LCA) is now taking nominations for the Richard L. Stalder Responsibilities for Results - Not Excuses Award.  The recipient of this prestigious award will be announced during the annual LCA membership luncheon held in conjunction with the annual conference.  Nominations for the award must be submitted by LCA members for LCA members.  Completed nomination packets for the 2016 award are due by July 29, 2016.  

The nominee must meet the following criteria:

1.    Must have been an active member of LCA for more than five years.
2.    Must exhibit leadership qualities that reflect a no excuses approach and demonstrate a commitment to going above and beyond.
3.    Must demonstrate an effective impact through his/her contributions in ACA/LCA and an awareness of the impact of his/her contributions to the public and the field of corrections.
4.    Demonstrates community service in his/her work, community and personal life.

There is more information available on the award in the attached Call for Nominations article.  

If you know an LCA member that you or your staff would like to nominate please complete the nomination packet below and submit it by, July 29, 2016.  All nominations will be reviewed by the RLS Award Committee and the LCA Board.