The Urban Institute reported in 2015 that nearly three million children under the age of 18 have a parent in jail or prison.  
According to a study conducted by Central Connecticut State University, children of the incarcerated are three times more likely as other children to be justice-involved. (Conway)  
In 2009, the Sentencing Project’s report, Incarcerated Parents and Their Children, reported that children of incarcerated parents are more likely to drop out of school, engage in delinquency, and subsequently be incarcerated themselves.  

LCA members improve public safety and improve communities by providing children with incarcerated parents in Louisiana state prisons with basic school supplies and encouraging them to take school seriously!  Kits for Kidz delivers school supplies to children visiting incarcerated parents in Louisiana’s State Prisons each summer.  Education is a critical factor to reducing the likelihood that a child finds themselves on the path to criminal behavior and we want to support and promote to them the value of education and spark a conversation between them and their parent on visiting day – about getting an education and making good choices.  You can help by making a donation to sponsor a kit! 

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